Workshop 7
A chain approach to Redesignand Digitalisation in air cargo transport
KLM Cargo / Smart Cargo Mainport Programme
More than a year ago, KLM Cargo joined forces with innovative chain partners Kuehne+Nagel, Swissport and Jan de Rijk with the aim of optimising air cargo transport. Making use of Lean principles ‘first time right’ and ‘just in time’ and with a nod and a wink to passenger processes, within just a few months they have succeeded in improving quality by 20%.
As part of the larger Smart Cargo Mainport Programme, KLM Cargo is aiming to stay ahead of its neighbours, and improve the competitive position of the Netherlands, through a series of similar initiatives.
This workshop will deal with cooperation, sustainability, efficiency, achieving common goals, daring, data sharing and digitalisation.
Simon Spoor
AirFrance / KLM / Martinair Cargo