Workshop 3 - FULLY BOOKED
Robotics and Automation in Logistics: how to evaluate impact & usability? (in English)
Efficient execution of repetitive, programmable tasks in Manufacturing environments used to be the main application of Robotics. Since robots are now becoming smarter and cheaper, it looks like the warehouse environment will become their next working place.
In order to answer questions about impact and usability in Logistics, Robert van Ree will give you a clear overview of:
  • Available robot technology & practical application
  • Parallel developments of warehouse mechanization
  • Fit between robots and dynamic environments
  • How to evaluate potential the potential impact and pay back for your company
Robert van Ree is senior consultant logistics for St. Onge Company. Robert has over 20 years of experience as an engineer, project manager, and consultant in Supply Chain Development. For ten years Robert was a key sales engineer / customer manager for Vanderlande Industries with a focus on advanced distribution and parcel material handling automation. In this role he has designed several large automated systems for key retailers and B2C operations. Robert joined St. Onge Company Europe in January 2014 as Senior Consultant Logistics with focus on warehouse optimization and design. He now works throughout Europe helping companies to find the best fit between technology and their business needs.
Robert van Ree
St. Onge Company