28 November 2018
Onderzeebootloods Rotterdam
The future
of logistics:
Innovation and collaboration
to stay ahead of the competition
During the 31st National Distribution Day (NDD), innovation in the logistics industry will be the central theme. Innovation has become more and more important to retain our competitive advantage as logistics hub for European distribution. Our logistics industry is packed with exciting new concepts. During keynote speeches and  workshops some of the newest topics will be addressed. In the morning program there’s an opportunity to attend company visits in the Rotterdam region.
Program 28 November 2018, Onderzeebootloods
13.00 – 14.00
Registration, including lunch buffet
14.00 – 18.00
Plenary program
Conference headed by day chairman Remco Buurman, Managing Director NDL/HIDC

Word of welcome by Paul de Krom, Chairman NDL/HIDC

Word of welcome by the Rotterdam Region

Koen Driessen
Executive Strategic Officer - Warehousing and Parcel at Vanderlande, will present his vision on the warehouse of the future in the framework of robotisation and automation.

Joyce Bliek
Director Digital Business Solutions (DBS) will talk to us about the process of digitalisation at the port.

DHL Supply Chain Solutions will address DHL’s approach in the field of innovative developments and how collaboration with different partners can bring about and accelerate innovation.


Choose from:
  1. Cogoport (in English)
  2. Data centres for logistics
  3. Robotics and Automation in Logistics:
    how to evaluate impact & usability? (in English)
  4. Data Driven Logistics:
    in 3 steps to better results
  5. Transparent & paperless supply chains
  6. Why and How 3D printing disrupts Industrial Supply Chains
  7. A chain approach to Redesign and Digitalisation for air cargo transport
18.00 – 20.00
Aperitif and buffet dinner
Members NDL/HIDC
€ 185,00
€ 595,00
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